What is data recovery?

Data recovery is a process of restoration of lost / inaccessible files from a storage media caused by various factors that may lead to different types of damages.

We can offer

  • State-of-the-art equipment and technology processes in our specialized lab
  • Readiness to help 24 hours a day all year round
  • Full confidentiality of your data
  • Diagnostics totally free of charge
  • Very competitive pricing
  • Payment only in case of successful recovery
  • Comprehensive discount policies (volume, student, referral, partner, etc.)
  • On-line tracking of your order and history
  • Partner programs with strong marketing & technical support

We recover data from a wide range of media, platforms, types of corrupted files & RAID arrays.

Data recovery Luxembourg

What happened to my data?

Has some or all your data been lost?

  • Have you lost access to your crucial business or personal data?
  • Have you accidentally deleted or formatted your drive or other media?
  • Have hours, weeks or even months of your work been wasted?
  • Are your files corrupted?
  • Are you unable to view pictures or other data on your memory card or flash disk?
  • Are you unable to boot your PC or server?

If any of the above conditions occurs, you can start the recovery process by filling in the diagnostics order form.

Types of damages

Hardware related:

  • Scratched surface
  • Faulty electronics (inner / outer)
  • Non-functional motor
  • Broken or damaged reading heads
  • Seized bearings
  • Bad sectors
  • Faulty controller

Software related:

  • Deleted data
  • Formatted data
  • Initialized RAID arrays
  • Damaged servo data


  • Natural disasters
  • Combined


Some signs that indicate that your data may have been or might become lost

  • Some folders or files are missing or inaccessible
  • Your drive or other media are not detected
  • Your documents are corrupted
  • Your system does not boot or freezes
  • Your files on your CD, flash disk, etc. cannot be read or copied
  • Your camera or printer cannot read from or write to a memory card
  • Strange noises


Stored data can be damaged by

  • Mechanical faults
  • Electronic faults
  • Power outages
  • Natural disasters
  • Virus attacks
  • OS or application breakdown
  • Human factor
  • Production faults

Contact us to order initial diagnostics or data recovery

We will find the cause of any data loss and inform you of the chances of data recovery and its final price.

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