How to proceed when data is lost

  • Turn off your PC immediately with a switch or server with shutdown
  • Do not restart or turn your computer on again
  • Contact us immediately!
  • We will explain how to proceed so that your data can be recovered quickly.
  • Your data structures can be further or fully damaged if handled unprofessionally.
  • Never try to recover your data by yourself or with the help of your friends!

Process of data recovery

Order receipt

Obviously the first step in data recovery process is order receipt. To make this process efficient, we use diagnostics request form. This speeds up the order receipt process by eliminating dual data entry.


The diagnostics done by Microshop is always provided free of charge. This gives the customers & partners risk free option to find the cause of data loss, chances of recovery & its final price. The final price never exceeds the quoted price. The diagnostics process is (just as the recovery itself) done in a specialized lab. We consider diagnostics to be the key phase in the process as the customers decide whether to proceed with the data recovery based on the information given.

Data recovery

Recovery process is done in a specialized lab by our experienced technicians. State-of-the-art equipment is used along the process. For HDDs: Before the recovery is started a binary copy is made, to make sure no data is lost during the process.

Copy phase

When the recovery itself is completed, the data needs to be given back to the customer. The original media can never be used as it would be either technically impossible or very unreliable way of storing data. Therefore the customer can choose where the recovered data can be saved. The following options are available:
Les options suivantes sont disponibles:

  • Hard drive (any kind)
  • DVDs, CDs
  • Data tapes
  • USB sticks

It is more convenient to choose the same type of media for recovered data as the media where the original data was stored but any combination is possible.

Data Release

When the data is copied, it needs to be given back to the customer. The following options are possible:

  • Personal pickup
  • Mailing back to the customer
  • Express messenger delivery to the customer
  • Download (for limited volume only)

The payment is required before the release unless a written partner agreement is signed prior to the data release.

Contact us to order initial diagnostics or data recovery

We will find the cause of any data loss and inform you of the chances of data recovery and its final price.

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